This section of the site contains educational materials of the "EDUCATION CENTER FOR EDUCATION PROGRAM ON THE TEACHING OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI" in English, used in the educational process.
   To gain full access to the website’s materials, including passing testing for academic courses included in the Training Program, you need to obtain a personal Login and Password from the site's administration, and then register on the site.
    You can get more information about registration on the website in the section "HOW TO GET ACCESS TO THE SITE", which is posted on this page below.


Before starting testing, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with all information Sections of this site located at the bottom of this page.
In order to start testing and quickly go to the Course you need, enter its Identification Code in the "Search courses" box located below.
For example: 25092015_EN
The identification code of the required Course can be found in the "TRAINING PROGRAM ON THE TEACHINGS OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI" at the following link: training_program_on_the_teachings_of_grigori-grabovoi.