Selected messages from the Skype chat of the Online Computer Testing Group and from the mail of the testing site
(texts are published in the author’s edition and in “machine” translation from Russian into English)

    This Section of the site provides important and interesting information - the experience of online testing participants, their impressions of this service, personal technological developments that help them successfully complete Test tasks.
     Each participant of testing by developing their own, individual testing technologies, their understanding of the essence of the testing process and based on the recommendations of Grabovoi Grigori Petrovich accumulates that unique practical experience, which will then form the basis of official guidelines for online testing for distribution to all parts of the Educational Center worldwide.
     In the fragments of messages below, the test participants pay special attention to the high efficiency and practical value of Grabovoi G.'s recommendation – "At the moment of testing you need to set a control goal. And then, after testing, control its realization...".
     The information in this Section is presented in chronological order and will be constantly updated with new messages from participants in online computer testing.
     We hope that the information in this Section, which has a practical orientation and complements the theoretical information from the Section of the site - “Testing System of the Educational Center”, will help you pass Test tasks with higher efficiency and at the same time get good results during testing in managing personal goals and objectives in the direction ensuring Eternal Life for yourself and everyone.
     We wish everyone good luck in passing the Test assignments!

 Reviews about the testing site from letters received from online testing participants 

   Inna M.
   I passed the Certification with pleasure!!! I am honored to be in contact with such wonderful knowledge, opportunities and of course an exceptional professional Team and people! I liked Absolutely Everything about the testing service!!! I was indeed very lucky as I found it to be a very friendly and very easy to use online testing system. I think you and your Team have done an amazing job! I worked for a high-tech company for 9 years and I have seen a lot of online services and I also have experience with these kinds of platforms. When I studied in Los Angeles and at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid [approx. adm. site - a Spanish state university, considered one of the most prestigious universities in Europe]. Americans and Europeans create such platforms differently, probably due to mentality, but I really like what you did. This is the reason I completed Certification so quickly.
   I want to have a solid structure in my daily life to overpower the entire Training Program. I am delighted with the Teachings of Grigori Petrovich, and I received 4 Certificates!!! I really like and understand the Teaching, and your idea with certification is simply GENIUS. I feel connected to the Teaching, but I also love that I was able to complete 4 certifications. My friends are amazed and I am so pleased with myself, filled with inspiration to continue studying all the materials.

   Salamat I.
  Thank you very much for creating this wonderful website, which accelerates the movement into Eternal Life! ... Thank you for the large-scale work done on creating the site, because this is a pioneer-simulator for testing our knowledge, and in the process of work - a motivator for a more serious approach to the Teaching. I wish you success in developing the site!

   Vera L.
   …I want to share what testing gave and is giving me.
   Grigori Petrovich recommended getting involved in testing as intensively as possible, getting results, and then passing the baton to other countries. I plunged straight into testing, because... This is something new. This is a truly new and interesting journey into your own development, you discover yourself, learn a lot about yourself, create yourself and the Teachings of Grigori Petrovich become more and more clear.
   It seems that Grigori Petrovich designed the control to speed up the understanding of his lectures specifically during testing. Everyone, everyone, don’t be shy, it’s very interesting, and most importantly, calmness, faith, positivism and our other qualities are strengthened, and emotions that do not allow development are eliminated, as if they never existed. Thank you very much to Grigori Petrovich!

   Alexey L.
   …When I re-read or re-listen to the works of Grigori Petrovich, it’s always like the first time. Every time I discover something new, and it pleases and inspires me to continue learning such precise spiritual knowledge. The appearance of the testing site for my wife and I became a new pleasant, very useful stage in the study of the works of Grigori Petrovich. Testing organizes concentration on the text very well. To easily choose the correct answer, you just need to keep your attention throughout the lecture. And when you see congratulations (after successfully passing a test), it pleases, inspires and confirms to us that we are even closer to God.
   Usually we turn on the recording of the selected lecture, my wife still reads the text from the screen, and I listen and take notes on what I like. Or such discrete quotes, or as I understand. Then we test together. It's that simple. On such knowledge we pensioners-pioneers of Eternity are not sorry!

   Administration of the testing site
   Impressive and inspiring words coming straight from the Soul! Please send us your feedback about your personal test-taking experiences. Your impressions, feelings and results of your practical work using the technologies of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. Your feedback will help other people get involved in the testing process more effectively, because. Some of them, as we see, literally set out “personal technology” for preparing for testing and successfully passing tests. Reviews can be posted in the Skype Group chat for online testing or sent to the administration of the testing site by email. It is advisable to draw up practical results in the form of a document “Certificate of practical results of applying the methods of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi,” the form of which can be downloaded on any page with the Course for testing.

 Messages from the Skype chat of the Group Computerized Online Testing 

   Administration of the testing site
   Alexey, ... we would like to hear your opinion - how difficult or, on the contrary, uncomplicated did you find the test tasks for which you received Certificates?

   Alexey L.
   Any selected test task is easier to pass after reading, listening, studying.

   Testing site administration
  Thank you for your answer! As we understand, for many the most difficult thing is to pass their first test. And when you pluck up the courage to sign up for testing and make at least the first attempt, you become convinced that the tests are not at all difficult. But this is subject to the condition that Alexey wrote about - “when reading, listening, studying” the Course for which you are going to take the test. Right! After all, how can you pass a test if you haven’t studied the material? And if you “read, listened, worked through” the material, then any test will be easy.

   Natalya D.
   ...I would like to share my experience of passing the test. I always feel stressed when taking exams and the reason is that I get stuck and it seems to me that I don’t know anything. Yesterday, during testing, the situation was not quite the same. But still there was a psychological barrier. I answered the first question, which concerned the essence and purpose of this work, somehow calmly. But I read the second question, I read the first answer. I immediately saw that these words were in the text of this webinar, and I immediately clicked on the answer and sent my test, when I saw that only one answer was accepted, I immediately realized that for the second question I had not even read all 4 answers and sent the test for verification. And when I analyzed my answer, I realized that this was a minor action that could be taken to prevent terrorism; this was the answer to the question in my assignment. After two hours of my thoughts, I again entered the testing program and passed the test successfully. ... At the same time, I saw that it was possible to cancel my answer and put a tick on the answer that I now consider correct. It took me 7 minutes to answer all the questions. I re-read the questions again, read that you can correct the answer, and only then send the test for verification.

   Thank you, you are doing a great job in promoting the Teachings of Grabovoi G.P.

   07.01.2023 г.
   Olga T.
   I passed one test. But even on one test you can see what a huge work has been done! It is a huge labor - to pick up similar answers from other lectures! Everything is done very competently! What I especially liked is that the Test Tasks contain the names of the lectures from which the answers are selected, which do not refer specifically to the work on which the test is taken.

   Administration of the testing site
   Thanks to Larisa Prokopovna Perova for the excellent “Testimony on the practical results of applying the methods of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi” received from her. Her “Testimony” records the fact of the effectiveness of applying methods according to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi in the process of studying a specific academic Course from the Training Program. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the text of this “Testimony”, because Larisa Prokopovna, in the form of the Testimony, authorized its publication for educational purposes.
  Testimony on the practical results of applying the methods of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.
   I want to testify to my results in quickly restoring health while studying the 1st seminar of G.P. Grabovoi "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Human Body. The method of regeneration of the Human Body through the action of the Soul" (02122003_RU) on a course with Morozkina M.V. according to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi on the topics “Improvement of the human physical body.” It turned out that just when we started taking classes from M.V. Morozkina in December, I got sick and caught a cold. I held out for a week, but then I still had to go on sick leave (from December 6 to December 13). And I was grateful that I had more time to study and immerse myself in the text of Grigori Petrovich’s seminar. I listened to him, trying to feel every word, to perceive what Grigori Petrovich was saying. Then there was very intensive work with the text itself, highlighting important key points in the text and posting them in a chat on Skype (such work was provided for by Marina Valerievna). And I was so carried away by this work, it seemed to me that I was very deeply immersed in the text and the state was such that you were in such a flowing state and I didn’t want to leave it, I wanted to work through the entire text to the end. I felt a rise in energy and joy. an elevated state, a desire to act. In the process of this work, I set a goal to restore my health. And by the end of working through the text, I felt very good. Then for several days I read the text and repeated the technologies. And thanks to this, actually on the 2nd day I was already in a normal state, I could devote more time to classes and do a lot of different things.
   Below are the main phrases (which reflect the methods) that helped me quickly restore my condition to normal (not everything that fits). 
   1. "...the task of regeneration, restoration of the body is the task of following precisely the tasks of God, essentially, in terms of the eternal development of one’s own physical body".
   2. "...i.e. recovery, yes?... refusal of these control systems, let's say there are medicines, certain instrumental systems and so on - is expressed in the fact that we must very clearly at the level of the Spirit connect the Body of God, the Physical Body of God and the physical body of man. As soon as the Spirit does this work, the physical body of man becomes healthy, regardless of external circumstances."
   3. “...when building an organism, in order to regenerate the organism, provided that it is necessary, for example, to grow an organ... or simply regenerate a cell, you need to make sure that phenomena that are different, as if in phonetic sound, different in functional systems and the concepts were of the same type in relation to the logically united Eternity of God.” 
   4. “...a completely healthy human body is a body that spontaneously forms words, that is, words emanating from the body, not because they logically exist, right?.. but because the human body realizes words in terms of the Divine development of itself bodies."
   5. “...that faith in God is, in essence, a person’s action in relation to God and an understanding of how his physical body is created in general.”
   6. " soon as we have this bridge, we begin to approach God, to the Physical Body of God - and as I said, if a person finds the way to transform the verbal plane, then he will find himself near God - he becomes eternally healthy."
   7. "... he goes to the level of simply telepathy, that is, the glow of the body, like the Saints glow - this is information. This glow gives knowledge to all people around, moreover, this glow can even heal there, if another the person agrees..."
   8. “...we see that the physical body of a person is the Soul as a person himself, but it is also the Soul of God.”
   9."...that as soon as one correctly builds a system of endless development, the body also becomes eternal."
   10. "...We must build this World with God at the same time. Then it turns out that the body participates, that is, it helps the processes taking place there in these buildings, it reacts to everything as its own well, in terms of eternal development, that is, the body needs it for eternal development."
   11. "... And as soon as a person enters this state that his Light is the Light of infinity for all elements, he then becomes, in a certain sense, absolutely healthy. That is, for him then any external object is that level where he transfers the knowledge of eternal development, and he is practically deified by analogy, in general, with God..."
   …Grigory Petrovich recommends setting personal goals for control in the direction of their implementation both during preparation for testing (when studying the Course you want to be tested on) and during testing. At the same time, He says that in this case it is possible to achieve good results in controling your goals.

   Olga D.
  09.01.2023 I decided to get acquainted and work on Grabovoi’s G.P. lecture - "The Way of Cognition of the World by Love" from 06.10.2003. I read it, highlighting the methods for myself, and followed the controls that are outlined in the lecture. I listened to the audio recording of the lecture. In the evening, while walking, leaving the house, I looked up and in the sky, Venus immediately came into view, in a pink glow. I took it as a sign that I needed to take a test in the morning. Venus and “The Way of Understanding the World through Love” - how can one not note such a coincidence (I must admit, I still tremblebefore the “exams”) Before reading, I set several goals. One of them was “Return of the Lost Cat”. Before taking the test, I thought about my goals, as recommended by Grigori Petrovich. I passed the test successfully, to my delight. But an even greater joy was that the cat was sitting at the door safe and sound after a week's absence.

   Administration of the testing site
   During our online video meeting on January 8, we told everyone that Grigori Petrovich asked to convey to all testing participants (and all others) that management by personal goals both during preparation for testing and during it can give "good results".
   Olga D.’s result confirms in the best possible way the effectiveness of all Grigori Petrovich’s recommendations. Use this recommendation of his and share with us your success in achieving your management goals.

   Vadim S.
   On January 10, 2023, I took training in the academic course “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about Man. Method of Restoring the Human Body with the Soul of God” dated December 10, 2003 from the official Training Program for the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, which was conducted by the teacher of the Educational Center, Marina Morozkina.
   The academic text read by Marina Valerievna was easily absorbed by me, which allowed me to remember several technologies. When the course was taught and a break was announced, I decided to take a test on this topic.
   Before starting testing, in accordance with the recommendation of Grigori Petrovich, I set a management goal - “successfully passing the test.”
   In the Test task on the topic I had chosen, I was given a test consisting of three questions with four answers each. I answered the first two questions calmly and confidently. While reading the third block with answer options, after reading the first, I noted to myself that this could be the correct answer and continued reading other options, and on one of the answers I felt as if a hand was on my head and at that moment I realized, that this is exactly the correct answer. And so it happened. I passed the test and received a Test Pass Certificate.
   Based on the results of this testing, I was once again convinced of the 100% effectiveness of all the recommendations of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, including those on online computer testing.
   The whole thing took me about 20 minutes. This involves opening the website, searching for a course in the Training Program list and answering questions.
   Thank you. Good luck with your tests everyone! It's interesting and exciting.Thank you. Good luck with your tests everyone! It's interesting and exciting.
   To successfully pass the tests, you only need to access the testing site once, select the course topic for testing on the site, and then... then everything will work out for you, because you have studied the topic.
  Thanks to Grigori Petrovich for his Teaching and for organizing the online computer testing service, thanks to which we all receive a new level of education in academic courses from the Grigori Grabovoi Teaching Program.

   Irina R.
   Hello everyone. I want to share my result with you.
   08.01.2023 г. on the online computer testing website of the Educational Center for the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, I successfully passed the test on the seminar of Grigori Grabovoi dated 10.12.2003 “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about man. A method of restoring the human body with the Soul of God.” About an hour after testing, I called my friend T., also a follower of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. As soon as she began to talk about the state of her health, strong control began in my body according to the Method of restoring the human body by the Soul of God. Waves of heat ran along my spine and arms. After a few minutes, T. also felt warmth in her spine. She informed me that the problem areas of the physical body had been identified precisely, and work was underway on them. I saw a glow similar to steam near the body structure being restored. On the same day, T. felt better, the pain decreased, and his sleep became calmer. Today, T. notes an improvement in his general physical and emotional condition. At the beginning of our conversation, the connection was constantly interrupted due to low communication levels, but as soon as control began, the connection stabilized and was no longer interrupted.

   Andrey E.
   …January 5, 2023, in preparation for online testing according to the Program of Training in the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi on the website of online computer testing of the Educational Center for the webinar "The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Education in eternal life" dated 01.09.2015, events in the course of the day developed harmoniously. It was possible to complete previously postponed work tasks and resolve problematic issues. The external environment provided clues for successfully passing the test. The TV was on in the room and the film “Midshipmen, Forward!” was playing, which served as a favorable sign for progress in knowledge of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.
   ДBefore testing began, I constantly kept the control goal in mind, internally preparing to pass the test. The test itself went quickly and successfully, I just had to get ready. I remembered a quote from Grigori Petrovich from Igor Samarin’s book “The Phenomenon of Grigori Grabovoi”: “Cognition is a gift, the knowable is work, knowledge is sincerity.”
   I sincerely thank Grigori Petrovich for the priceless gift that he generously shares!

   Administration of the testing site
   Dear colleagues, hello!
   Thank you for sending Certificates about the good results you received not only in terms of successfully passing Test tasks (which in itself is very significant), but also for the results that you get by following the recommendations of Grigori Petrovich on solving management problems according to personal goals both during the period preparation for testing, in the process of passing Test tasks, and after testing. Each published Certificate is a source of experience and some developments in testing technology that is useful to each of us, and a set of those very “subtleties” in this technology that can help everyone achieve personal positive results.
   Please share with us all your personal developments in testing technology, send your Testimonies that record your positive results both in yours and in the Collective Consciousness.

   Tatyana G.
   …While preparing for testing, while studying Grigori Grabovoi’s lecture on God “The Future in Eternal Life,” the coccyx area burned (this was not the first time I read it). But when preparing for the test, the concentration increases because... I had to look for the correct answer to one of the questions. The task was to restore the left shoulder joint. I worked with him before the test. And during the test, I suddenly turned my hand and the very severe pain went away. The thought flashed somewhere far away that I would have to work on my hand some more, and at that moment I looked into the pain, searching for row 19751, the norm... Within 10 minutes the pain went away. Just in case, a day later I worked a little more, and there was no pain.
  Thanks to Grigory Grabovoy for his Teachings!

   Администрация сайта тестирования
   Tatyana, hello!
   Thank you very much for publishing here your experience of obtaining a positive result in managing personal tasks when preparing for testing and during it.
   Thank you very much for publishing here your experience of obtaining a positive result in managing personal tasks when preparing for testing and during it. Your message is another confirmation of the recommendation of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, in which he says that if, in the process of preparing for testing or during testing, you simultaneously manage personal tasks in the direction of ensuring Eternal Life for yourself and everyone, then “the result can be good”. Both based on testing results and control results.

   Alla M.
   … share some of my observations. I had not yet registered on the testing site but was preparing to take the tests. I listened to the lecture “Restoration of individual body systems.” I set goals for everyone and for myself: restoring the functioning of all functions of my left knee joint (the bones fell out when walking). I started listening to the lecture and after each listening I felt like I wanted to start the lecture from the beginning. as if you were thirsty and didn’t get drunk after listening. With each new listening session, I heard completely new information, as if I had not listened to the lecture at all before. I registered for testing, but still continued to listen to the lecture and couldn’t get enough of it. And so my Soul told me: - Enough... .
   I passed the test, then another, and another, and only then began to think: why can I pass one lecture only after reading it once, while another must be listened to 18 times? Are there topics that I know and understand, but I keep putting off testing for later? And I also noticed that those tasks that I do not set for implementation when preparing for testing, but they take place in my life (well, sort of secondary), are still being solved!! By the way, my left knee joint is completely healthy. Hooray!!!
   Thanks to Grigori Petrovich for the Knowledge that we can apply!

   Administration of the testing site
   Alla, ...Your message once again confirms the importance, value and EFFECTIVENESS of both the testing process itself and the increased effectiveness of management in the process of preparing for testing and during it!

   Irina D.
   …Today I passed my first test. I was very worried. I gave the lecture several times. I signed up for a course with Marina Valerievna Morozkina. I want to share my feelings. While I was reading the text of the regulations on the testing procedure, I felt that some changes were happening in my body. A burning sensation in the area of the right shoulder joint and in the cervical spine, where I am working to restore normality. And there was a slight vibration throughout my body, but not from fear or tension. Very pleasant soothing vibration. When I started taking the test, I immediately recognized quotes from the text I was working on. My testing lasted three minutes. I also want to say that when I work on a text, I write it in a notebook. All. It’s difficult to choose what to pay attention to; you don’t want to miss anything. And the hand writes itself, it doesn’t want to stop. If you don’t understand something, read it several times and think about it. You feel some kind of pleasure from this. And I want to share the result. Since childhood, I had problems with the gastrointestinal tract (12 peptic ulcers, I was offered surgery many times.) I did not agree. Studying Grigori Petrovich’s lectures, you understand that everything can be restored. Now I’m working out hard and my chronic pain is gone. This is such happiness! I also got into the habit of wishing everyone Eternal Life! It's so cool! When people hear this for the first time, they freeze in surprise, some begin to say something about the impossibility of this. Then they think about it. Then they get used to it. Then they smile. It's so simple! Just leaving or saying goodbye to someone to wish Eternal Life.
   I am very grateful to Grigori Petrovich for all the opportunities that he opens for us, for knowledge, for Faith in God and faith in myself. I am grateful to Marina Morozkina, to everyone involved in the transfer of knowledge on the Teaching, to all the specialists who created the opportunity to be tested quickly and effectively. Low bow to you all. Thank you everyone!!!!
   ...I would also like to share my thoughts in addition to what was written above. After passing the test, while doing something else, I felt that I continued to be in a state of mild euphoria. I began to think about this condition. And the thought came to me that some kind of door to another WORLD had opened in front of me and this testing was testing myself for compliance with this New World. And my soul became very calm and clear that you were doing everything right.

   Administration of the testing site
   Irina..., thank you for sharing your experience and testing results with us. … .
   In your message, both your results and the fact that you outlined the technology with which you are preparing to take the test are important to all of us. I wrote here, in this chat, earlier, and I am focusing now on the fact that it is very important to set management on the implementation of your personal tasks and goals in the direction of ensuring Eternal Life for yourself and everyone, not only before preparing for testing, but also during testing. And after testing, it is imperative to monitor and record the management results. This, according to Grigori Petrovich, usually gives good results. We have all been convinced of this more than once by reading messages from test participants in this chat, in which they shared their test results. Almost all of these messages have one thing in common - they were all received thanks to strict adherence to the recommendations of Grigori Petrovich. Below I will give an excerpt from our conversation with Grigori Petrovich about the testing service. Grigori Petrovich literally said the following: “ is recommended to set a real task at the time of testing, by the way. ...Since any testing is not an end in itself, but the achievement of a management result to ensure Eternal Life for everyone. Therefore, the point is just to test separately there, this is good, of course, but when you set a task, it’s better. the time of testing you need to set a control goal. And then control after testing.”
   Grigori Petrovich said before that, unlike ordinary educational institutions, in our Educational Center testing has a much broader meaning than just testing knowledge.
   Irina..., thank you for the fact that, in accordance with the recommendation of Grigori Petrovich, you formatted your results in the form of a Testimony (the form of which is on the testing website) and sent it to us.
   I want to say that in your message you confirm what almost everyone who has successfully passed the Test tasks says - after passing the test, internal energy increases, a feeling of joy and Love rises in the Soul, the confidence is strengthened that with the help of the methods and technologies of Gregory’s Teachings Grabovoi can realize any management goal. These sensations remain for a long time after passing the test. Therefore, a request to all testing participants. Record these states in yourself, record even small signs of a change in your state for the better. Record these results in the form of Testimony. After all, it is known that recording a positive result on paper or in electronic form is forever fixed in a single information field of collective Consciousness, thereby ensuring the prolongation and consolidation of your positive result forever in Eternity
   We have already said earlier in this chat that Grigori Petrovich attaches great importance to recording management results based on personal goals and objectives that were obtained during the testing process in special forms of Certificates. Below I will give a few more quotes from our conversations with Grigori Petrovich regarding His recommendations on the issue of recording the results in the Testimonies.
   «“The main thing is that those who... receive the result, so that they record it...
   …It is necessary to put it in the form that such and such a person received such and such a Certificate and received such and such a result on such and such a topic. All. It will be short, understandable and, in general, will not take up much of people’s time; they’ll write a few lines and that’s all.
   …And we - where the results are very good - we can create a group of teachers who will give such people some more necessary, from the point of view of teachers, technologies.
   …Our criterion for accuracy and speed of control is practice. That is, practically, when people achieve results, it is precisely we who set this as a task, it is important for us. Ideology - it is clear that everyone needs it, it will be constantly, it will develop: providing everyone with Eternal Life according to the Teaching. And then we must constantly reinforce this with results. Therefore, this direction must be worked out very clearly, as in the usual educational process - one learns in order to get results. Once received, then it’s good, then it deepens, systematizes, works more systematically in order to receive in each case when control is delivered. This is the task.
   …And I think that, in principle, here... these very sets of facts will help us... create a basic basis. Why do we send people specifically to these areas and directions? Here it will be clear that this is precisely because each of them gives its own specific result. First, someone studied the Teaching for a long time before, it could be many years, someone got the result in a shorter period... someone during preparation - a very important, by the way, also moment. Then at the time of testing, and after. And... here we will still have, well, we may actually have, huge collections of results from different countries. The presence of results makes this already..., as they say, this level is unsinkable.”
   You can copy these quotes (including those from the previous message) and save them on your computer. His quotations are control texts that expand and complement His main Lectures. This will help us all to better understand the importance of both the testing itself and the importance of the results obtained from studying the Teachings of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi.

   Irina Z.
   … Today I participated in testing for the first time. My goal was to pass the test. It took me three days to gather my courage. Everything went quickly and successfully. Next time I will set different goals, I have gained confidence. Thank you for your help!

   Administration of the testing site
   Irina, congratulations on your FIRST Certificate of successful completion of the test task!
   Anyone who has taken tests knows that the first test is the most difficult. Because, firstly, you need to overcome your anxiety about the unknown, the fear of “what if I don’t pass the test...”, and secondly, before the first test you need to process a lot of information on the site and become familiar with the testing technology. Therefore, successfully passing the first test is an indicator of the strength of the Spirit, as well as confirmation of the required level of knowledge on the topic of the academic Course from the Training Program.
   …You did the right thing in that in the process of preparing for testing and during testing, you concentrated on the goal - “Successfully passing the test.” The result, as they say, was not long in coming. We look forward to new messages and impressions about testing from you.
   … By the way, for those who, like Irina in the recent past, are “gathering their courage” before the first test, a little advice. The first test is indeed quite a difficult moment for many from a psychological point of view (worries about the result, a lot of unknowns, a lot of information, etc.). Therefore, treat it as a training process. Even if for some technical reason you don’t pass the test the first time, don’t worry. Analyze the reason for the failure and prepare accordingly for the next testing attempt. No one sees the test results and the number of attempts except you. You control this process yourself. You can make as many attempts as you need to pass the test.
   Don't rush to try again. If you understand everything about the testing technology and the failure occurred due to an incorrect answer, then take a time out and work on the topic you need again, taking into account the testing experience you have gained on this topic. You set the time between the first and second attempts yourself. It could be 5 minutes and 1 day and one week, etc. Those. as much as you see fit. But between the second and subsequent attempts there is a mandatory break for additional study of the material and retaking the test for at least 3 days.
   If you have generally studied the required Course well to pass the test, but due to technical difficulties (misunderstandings) you were unable to successfully pass the test, then do not be discouraged and start the next attempt. Before trying again, it is advisable to carefully read the Testing Instructions and Testing Regulations again, and watch the video reference and information material in the “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions” section. Testing service is yours/strong> tool. Quite a high-tech tool. After all, before you turn on your washing machine or other similar attribute of your daily life for the first time, you first study the Instructions, and then you start using it. If something doesn’t work out the first time, look for the answer again in the instructions. Everything is the same here, exactly the same.
   So, summary. Don't be afraid of the first test. Let the first test be a training test for you. But having practiced enough on the first test, the rest will not present ANY difficulty for you (provided, of course, that you have thoroughly studied the material on the topic of the Test task before testing. Good luck to everyone in successfully passing the Test tasks!!!

   Natalya D.
   … Today I passed the test. "Grigori Grabovoi’s teaching about God. The system of recovery".
   During preparation I went through the following stages. Listening to the text of the webinar seminar - Marina Morozkina. After the lesson I had the feeling - I can pass the test. But I stopped myself - I need to read it again. I read it 2 times and started testing ". I noticed that testing helps to concentrate. And this, in turn, speeds up the understanding and memorization of the material. And, of course, there is joy after reading congratulations on successfully passing the test task. Thanks to the creators of the testing site, Marina Morozkina, for the excellent webinars, Grigori Petrovich for the Teaching!

   Administration of the testing site
   Olga, ... congratulations on ANOTHER Victory - successfully passing the test! You are one of our leaders. After all, today’s test is already your TWELFTH! Well done! This is how you need to consistently and persistently study the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, topic by topic, and immediately confirm your level of knowledge by receiving a Certificate of successful passing of the test.
   I see other positive aspects in your message.
   Firstly, you described to us your experience, your testing preparation technology. This technology is used by almost all those who successfully pass tests. Thus, you realize one of the main tasks of this chat - exchange of experience.
   Secondly, you wrote to us that “...I noticed that testing helps to concentrate, and this, in turn, speeds up the understanding and memorization of the material.” This is a very important observation that you have experienced firsthand. And hence the excellent results in testing, and in other elements of applying the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi in practice.
   We have already published in this chat earlier that Grigori Petrovich also draws our attention to this point. That is why, due to “increasing the level of concentration, accelerating understanding and memorization,” according to Grigori Petrovich, “good” results are achieved, both in the process of preparing for testing and when passing tests. If at all stages of testing you additionally set the goal of realizing personal goals in the direction of Eternal Life for yourself and everyone, then this management, as a rule, is more effective. And this is confirmed by all the messages that we read with pleasure in this chat.

   Elena N.
   Hurray! Today I took my first test. I spent almost a week getting ready mentally. The correct answers turned out to be very easy to recognize. I thank the participants of this Skype Group for your experience, it was very useful!

   Administration of the testing site
  Elena, wrote: "I thank the participants of this Skype chat for sharing your test experience! It was very useful to me!".
   That's exactly what this chat was created for. This is not only for informational support of testing participants from the Administration of the testing site, but also for assistance and mutual assistance from the testing participants themselves. And this support is no less valuable and important than the support from the site Administration. The exchange of opinions in the chat, the exchange of information in the “question-answer(s)” mode between the chat participants is an indicator that our chat is becoming a “live” tool for help and support, and not some kind of “frozen Instructions”. Therefore, continue to ask questions, share opinions, information and RESULTS. We all really need this!

   Larisa P.
   …On January 28 I passed the second test for the seminar “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the human body. The method of restoring the human body with the Soul of God” I didn’t have time to write anything. But now I constantly understand that I live, create and create in the space of the Soul of God, this is the same space of Eternity with inexhaustible possibilities. I am in this space and in every creative thought or action I feel this close connection with the Creator, his healing light of knowledge and the eternal joyful path of knowledge and implementation of all creative tasks! And I get the necessary knowledge about how to act in a given situation. Hence, there is more discipline and attention to one’s reactions, more discipline in terms of planning all things correctly and, most importantly, doing them with joy and the awareness that this brings me the restoration and strengthening of myself in this position of eternal development.
   And there is a lot of work to disseminate the Teaching and to master the knowledge of the Teaching, to transfer knowledge to the Collective Consciousness and, of course, to help others through the knowledge already mastered.

   Elena H.
   Passed four tests in seminars. The first test for the seminar "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the human body. The method of regenerating the human body through the action of the Soul." I was very worried. Everything went quickly. The goal that I set is still in the resolution stage. I can feel it.
   Taking the second test at the seminar “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Man. The method of restoring the human body with the Soul of God,” there was no longer any excitement. I passed it quickly. I set the same goal. There is a feeling of movement.
   I took the third test on one of my favorite lectures - “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The Joy of Eternal Development.” I thought I knew this lecture inside and out, but I passed on the 2nd try. During the retake, another whole area opened up, a zone that I didn’t seem to have seen. I experienced so much joy, as if an additional source of joy had opened. Then I saw that the lecture was given by Grigori Petrovich on my birthday, and I was happy to always have a hard time before.
   But I passed the test on the topic “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The Joy of Knowledge” very quickly, experiencing pleasure from the testing process itself. I thank the creators of the testing site, Marina Morozkina for her work with lectures and, of course, Grigori Petrovich for his knowledge.

   Irina D.
   Good afternoon everyone! Yesterday I passed the second test on the lecture “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about Man. The Method of Restoring the Human Body with the Soul of God” and I want to share again my observations about myself. I identified the correct answers immediately. After testing, I again had a feeling of freshness in my head and easy breathing. Today I was thinking about why answers are quickly found. Yes, of course, I read and listened to the audio recording many times. But there was some kind of misunderstanding. The answer came. When the text is read many times, somewhere inside it feels soft and smooth, as if a river is calmly carrying its waters. I am comfortable. This is a familiar space and state. If you read an unfamiliar text, the sensations are completely different. The flow is different, it seems the water is cold, somewhere there are whirlpools, and somewhere there are rapids-pebbles (unfamiliar words and phrases). These are such amazing associations.

   Natalya K.
   Hurray! Passed the first test “Method of distributing the Physical Body of the Creator.” Excitement arose after I received the “Congratulations! You have successfully passed the test for this Course!”, and then joy.

   Elena N.
   Today I successfully passed the second test in the lecture “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Clairvoyance in Eternal Life.” When preparing to take the second test, I was much less worried. But the tension (or concentration) was constant, and somewhere inside the words from the lecture surfaced. I read the lecture itself several times; then I highlight laws, definitions, technologies and the most significant points in the text for me. I remember and use it in management.
   I thank Grigori Petrovich for the Knowledge, for the Horizons that he opens for us! I thank everyone who made it possible to take these tests!

   Administration of the testing site
   Поздравляем!!! Congratulations!!! Elena, thank you for sharing with us your impressions and technology for taking the test. This helps other people pass tests successfully and easily.

   Olga D.
   Yesterday I listened to the seminar “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The structure of the purification of the Soul” dated 03/03/2004. Towards the evening I sat down to read, delve into it, and immerse myself.
   “A strong wind was blowing outside the window, and the rain was knocking.
   It drummed on the glass and did not end” (not mine)
   The trees bent in the wind. Streams like rivers,
   Dogs and cats and humans are wet
   After thinking about what rain and strong wind are...
   For the bad weather outside the window and I am responsible…
   As recommended, I set goals before preparing and testing. One of them is weather regulation. I read the text of the lecture. Now I like to work with a pencil during the lecture. Something doesn’t line up in my head - I turn to paper, draw it up schematically, which often helps me figure it out very well, and also increases my concentration. Started testing. Again I thought about my goals. This time, due to incomplete confidence, I made a mistake in one question. To my surprise, I was not at all upset, but on the contrary, a light appeared. I started watching the lecture and about an hour later I went for a second try. I received a "passed". And outside the window the wind died down and the rain stopped its attacks. This is the result.

   Elena Kh.
   Marina Morozkina’s 3-day seminar on studying the lecture by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi “Technology of work based on the optical element of perception of one’s own Soul, Spirit and Consciousness” ended today. A very deep dive into the material. She noted that all the presentations and controls were so easy. This morning I read the text of the lecture.
   During the last break of the seminar, being in the flow of information from the lecture, I went in and took the test. Incredible joy. I felt the expansion in my chest and the depth of my breathing. It's physical. I set the same goal all the time, I feel its implementation approaching.
   Thanks to Marina, Grigori Petrovich and the testing organizers! Thank you!

   Alla M.
   …Yesterday I decided to postpone everything and take another test. The week has been difficult. There was a lot of pressure at work and that’s why I was preparing for testing in between the bustle and confusion. Topic "Teaching of Eternal Life", 04082003_RU. I listened to the first part of the webinar and took notes about five days ago, and finished the second part and immediately decided to take the test. The task had two questions. Of course, I answered the second question easily, but the first (4 answer options) I was stuck. I feel it in my head, like in a song: “... I’ll shout, and in response there will be silence...”. I sat... in silence... and I said to Grigori Petrovich: Grigori Petrovich! I will not Give Up! I know the topic, but by the evening my brain was already tired. Help me remember... Seconds later, Grigori Petrovich’s words floated about how to logically probe the control space and how, by sending a control impulse, receive a return impulse. I listen and immediately control. I looked at the answer options and definitely saw the correct answer. I was surprised how it was possible to doubt the choice of the correct answer? But we know who helps us!!! And ALWAYS!!! I passed the test, the assigned task is still being implemented. What interesting times we all live in!!
   Thank you all so much!!!

   Andrey E.
   … When preparing for testing on the webinar “ Grigori Grabovoi’s Teaching about God. Development of controlling clairvoyance to ensure eternal life in the body” dated December 15, 2015, while reading the text, a comfortable feeling of soft, light vibration arose around the head. I was familiar with this feeling when working with the PRK-1U device, when I watched Marina Morozkina’s webinar dated January 15, 2023. I tried to maintain this state longer. I constantly had a goal - to quickly write a scientific article on the history of medicine. On the same day, the necessary sources and literature were found, the text of the article began to gradually take shape.
   During testing there was an absolute state of peace and confidence in its passage. After completing the test, he continued working on the article, discovering new data, which significantly changed its>    I thank Grigori Petrovich, the organizers of the online testing site for the opportunity to find hidden abilities to control reality in myself!

   Elena N.
   Yesterday I passed the third test. Test task topic: 0032016_RU. “Methods of using Grigori Grabovoi PRK-1U concentration development device.” The idea that I needed to take the test right now came unexpectedly. My heart ached and I wanted to postpone taking the test. But the thought was persistent.
   I re-read the text of the lecture, setting the task: heart rate. There was no particular excitement during the test, but tension was felt at the level of the heart and solar plexus. After taking the test, the tension subsided, and within about an hour the heart returned to normal. Thank you!

   Larisa P.
   Yesterday morning I took the 3rd test. Test task topic: 21042004_RU. "The teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. System of healing." We are now working with this seminar as a whole group at M.V. Morozkina. The night before, I listened to Grigori Petrovich again and read the seminar test. In the morning I looked through the text again and calmly passed the test. When there is a preliminary good study of the seminar material, a spiritual perception of what is said in the seminar, living and practical application of technologies in everyday life, then the test is passed simply, without worry, the correct answer is easily chosen (since the content of the seminar has saturated the entire consciousness, the entire body, all cells). Probably, a deeper awareness of the fundamental level of interaction of oneself with the whole World has appeared in the process of one’s personal building of this powerful tool (Health Improvement Systems) to maintain not only one’s health but also the transmission of this light of norm to the entire environment, to everyone who needs help, output to automatic, permanent, a stable mode of operation with conscious management in the direction of eternal endless development, in the direction of ensuring eternal life for everyone. In the process of mastering the seminar, I managed the health and events of my husband and those people whom I know need help now.
   Joy from the process of learning and applying technology, the desire to master the material, apply it in life, have time to do more to realize eternal life and transfer knowledge to everyone. I thank Grigori Petrovich for his knowledge and Marina Valerievna for sharing her experience in mastering and applying in practice the works of Grigori Grabovoi.

   Administration of the testing site
   …We would like to share with you observations as a result of a retrospective review of the messages posted in this chat. Firstly, it becomes clear that it is thanks to you, the participants in this chat, that a NEW TYPE OF ONLINE TESTING TECHNOLOGY is being formed, which has no analogues today. You are all pioneers and explorers! Yes, that is right! After all, each of you, by developing your own, individual testing technologies based on the recommendations of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi and on the basis of your own understanding of the true essence of the testing process in the academic Courses of the Grigori Grabovoi Teaching Program, is gaining practical experience, which in the future will form the basis of official methodological recommendations for online testing for their distribution in all structural divisions of the Educational Center around the world. And everyone who will subsequently connect to online computer testing will be grateful to you for the help they receive by reading your messages in this chat. After all, starting something new on your own, alone, is always more difficult. And after reading the messages about your experience in preparing and successfully passing tests while simultaneously managing events in the direction of Eternal Life for everyone and realizing their own goals and objectives, it will be much easier for “beginners” to enter into this process and themselves develop and increase the effectiveness of their actions in the process of online testing. Let's continue this process of sharing experiences and personal testing technologies. These are those priceless grains of knowledge that form the indisputable factual basis for the effectiveness of the methods and technologies of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi! We placed the results of our review in the file “Selected technologies from the practice of passing tests by chat participants of the Online Computer Testing Group.” This file very briefly selects only those fragments of chat messages that can be classified as testing technologies. It seems to us that even today some testing participants can use such a sample as a practical guide to the technology of passing test tasks
   In conclusion, I would like to once again quote here from personal conversations with Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi regarding testing issues. It is advisable not just to read these quotes, but to try to understand the deep meaning that they contain.
   «…it is recommended to set a real task at the time of testing, by the way. ...Since any testing is not an end in itself, but to achieve the result of management to ensure Eternal Life for everyone, so the point is simply to be tested separately, this is good of course, but when you set a task, it is better. ... At the time of testing, you need to set a control goal. And then control after testing.»
   … «Our criterion for precision…control is practice. That is, practically, when people achieve results. This is exactly what we set as a task. This is important for us. It is clear that the ideology of the Teaching - the provision of all eternal life is necessary for everyone and it will constantly develop. And then we must constantly reinforce this with results. Therefore, this direction must be worked out very clearly, as in the usual educational process - STUDYING IN ORDER TO GET RESULTS. Here are the [results] obtained... [the person] goes deeper, systematizes, works more systematically to get [the result], in each case when control is assigned. This is the task.»

   02.03.2023 г.
   Larisa P.
   … Now I read again the webinar “ Grigori Grabovoi’s Teaching about God. Instrumentation of eternal life. Methods of using Grigori Grabovoi’s concentration development device PRK-1U” (30032016_RU). The idea that I needed to take the test today based on this webinar arose during the day at work. Therefore, I decided to act on the call of my soul and put aside all other matters. I read the text of the webinar with the device turned on and set the goal of understanding all the methods of using the device and also developing concentrations of eternal life in control clairvoyance and control forecasting. I thank Grigori Petrovich for creating a unique device that gives us the opportunity to improve our capabilities in managing our health, our events to ensure eternal life for ourselves and everyone. And I passed this 4th test calmly, I remembered all the methods when working with the text.

   03.03.2023 г.
   Irina Z.
   …Passed the test on the lecture by Grigori Grabovoi “Technology of work based on the optical element of perception of one’s own Soul, Spirit and Consciousness.” A few days ago I participated in a webinar by M. Morozkina on this lecture. Marina explained everything so well that the lecture was quite easy. The goal was to achieve normal health. While answering the questions, I felt tension and at the same time complete calm. I thank Grigori Petrovich for existing!

   08.03.2023 г
   Elena Kh.
   Passed the test on March 6, Monday, based on the lecture “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Instrumentation of eternal life. Methods of using Grigori Grabovoi’s concentration development device PRK-1U.” I remembered how I had been getting ready for a very long time and putting off taking my first test for a long time. Now, when I have already passed seven tests, I want to do it. So, this Monday, I felt a little irritated. I decided to put everything aside and started reading the lecture. The lecture was familiar, already worked through. But during the delivery, a new understanding of the fragment came - “ element of such unlimited use is an instant transition from the current to the future tense,” it became even deeper. After passing the test, the condition returned to normal. Having thought and felt this state, there was a feeling that the cause of dissatisfaction and irritation was that for a whole week (this is already a very long period of time) it was not possible to devote time to reading Grigori Petrovich’s lectures. It was as if something was missing, but after passing, everything was restored!

   12.03.2023 г
   Elena D.
   I would like to share my observation in the process of taking tests on the testing site. Since I have been in this testing process for a long time and this process turns out to be continuous, that’s how I would characterize it... that is, I listen to some lecture by Grigori Petrovich, read it, work with it every day; every 2-3-4 days (whenever possible) I work with a new lecture, that is, I am in a continuous process... On the one hand, it is difficult to determine what result can be attributed to the result obtained in the process of preparing for one specific lecture or obtained after testing the previous lecture, and on the other hand, faster and better results are obtained that are not directly related to testing at all, but they are obtained against the general background of the continuous testing process. For example, I can set goals during the day for my tasks, working on the PRK-1U, and they are accomplished faster, better than before. A small example - on February 22, I sent a parcel across Russia by train, that is, a simple parcel with a notification. I previously made controls on the PRK-1U so that the parcel would arrive as quickly as possible. The post office told me that a simple parcel would arrive within 10 days. As a result, she was in the hands of the addressee already on February 24th. That is, thanks to this continuous testing process, we form a stable platform for all our creative actions. Thank you!

   Administration of the testing site
   This is another important observation from the personal practice of Elena D., which allows us to better understand the meaning and “related function” of the online testing process, as one of the active elements of the educational process according to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.

   18.03.2023 г.
   Elena D.
   I would like to share one of my results from working with the lectures of G.P. Grabovoi for online testing. I attributed the result to two periods - during the preparation process and during testing. My goal was to remove the rough scar on the body after surgery and regenerate the skin. I set this goal several times when working with different lectures. The last lecture for this purpose was “Technology for managing macro-sense and systems of direct access to event management information through vision, hearing, and feelings” dated October 9, 2001. The test was taken on March 12, 2023. During preparation, that is, while listening and simultaneously reading a lecture, I felt a tingling, sometimes quite strong, and/or burning sensation in the area of the scar. This happened every time I set this goal and worked through the next lecture. After passing the test, each time I observe that the scar becomes smoother and seems to shrink on all sides, that is, it decreases in size. The work is not finished yet, these are just the first results, but they are quite clear. With great gratitude to the Author and for the dissemination of unique Knowledge, I publish this Testimony. Thank you!

   Andrey E.
   I would like to share my experience of passing testing according to the Teaching Program of Grigori Grabovoi on the website of online computer testing of the Educational Center for the webinar “Rapid development of control clairvoyance and forecasting to ensure eternal life with the physical body” dated December 29, 2015. Before testing, I set a management goal - finding the necessary material for a scientific article on the history of medicine, while simultaneously solving current problems. On the day of testing, March 19, 2023, I felt a wave-like painful tingling in my spine. It passed and then started again. While reading the text of the webinar, I tried to reduce pain. Help came from Grigori Petrovich. In the second part of the webinar, the Author says: “ need to concentrate on your entire physical body and at the same time on the spine, then on the spinal cord...” Next comes control. Having reached the end of the webinar, I noticed that the pain began to decrease. During testing they were still felt. And the next day I didn’t notice them anymore, they disappeared! Interestingly, materials for the article were found. And instead of one article, it turned out to be two. Many thanks to Grigori Petrovich for his constant help and support!

   06.04.2023 г.
   Elena N.
   On March 30, 2023, she successfully passed the test in lecture 17102016_RU “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. A method of simultaneous event management and the use of technical devices.” In the process of reading the lecture, I set the task: to restore physical strength. I take care of my mother; the last time I took a few days off was three and a half years ago. While reading a lecture, a severe runny nose began for two days in a row, which suddenly, by the end of the lecture, stopped. After passing the test, my sister suddenly called and said that she had bought me a last-minute tour for five days to Sochi. She promised to look after her mother. This is absolutely the first time! Marvelous! I am writing my testimony only now after a trip to Sochi. I rested and regained my strength! The management goal was realized very unexpectedly and joyfully! I thank Grigori Petrovich with all my heart!
   03.05.2023 г.
   Elena N.
   On April 21, she successfully passed the test in lecture 01072003_RU “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God.” I set a goal: to restore my vision. I constantly work with number series to improve vision. My vision is restored for a short time, sometimes it just improves, I try to read without glasses. I noticed that while preparing to take the test, I kept the thought in the background: 1. I need to call a technician to fix the refrigerator2. Help a friend find her missing cat. After taking the test, on the second day, a relative “accidentally” came in and unexpectedly repaired the refrigerator. A couple of days later, a friend called and said that she had found the cat. But I have not yet achieved absolute 100% vision. I continue to work. I thank everyone for the opportunity to take tests based on Grigori Petrovich’s lectures!

   05.05.2023 г.
   Angelica B.
   ВToday I had an interesting experience during testing. Previously, I somehow did not pay attention to the reference to the works from which the answers were taken. Today, before testing, I read the title of the lectures just for reference. During testing, when reading each answer in order, I knew exactly which lecture the answer was taken from. Of course, I have worked with these lectures before. But thanks to the link to these lectures, it’s so nice to know that everything is well remembered. Thank you!

   Administration of the testing site
   Anzhelika Viktorovna, thank you for your observation! This is a very important observation! This is exactly what Grigori Petrovich was talking about when he recommended that we introduce such an opportunity on the testing site - to provide students with the opportunity to see a list of all the works on which all the answers in the Test tasks were formed.